Message from the President

        January1st, 2018

Welcome to Huaqiao University!
      Huaqiao University is located in Quanzhou and Xiamen of Fujian Province, a city of eastern Asian culture and a modern seashore garden city respectively. Both cities are renowned hometowns of overseas Chinese. With its Quanzhou campus lying east to Qingyuan Mountain, an AAAAA national scenic spot, and Xiamen campus sitting northeast to the beautiful Xinglin Bay, the university is appealing to students from both home and abroad. The university has, since its establishment in 1960, been devoted to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture and forging ahead with trust from the nation and overseas Chinese. Up to the present, the university has taken the lead on college reform and new development.
     The university has always been committed to enlightening the students with virtue and developing them with the professionalism of seeking truth, innovation and perfection by making the following efforts:
     Firstly, targeting at the students from home and abroad, the university endeavors to explore an educational system to build their character and to nurture them with innovative mind, international vision, competence and responsibility.
     Secondly, the university devotes to developing itself into one of the first-rate universities in China by constructing first-class disciplines with its characteristics, promoting scientific research and encouraging technological innovation.
     Thirdly, the university is dedicated to serving the overseas Chinese and is engaged in both local and national economic and social development.
     Fourthly, the university focuses on inheriting and innovating traditional Chinese culture and creating a college culture with its own characteristics―a university serving overseas Chinese.
     Fifthly, the university devotes to promoting its internationalization through collaboration with overseas universities and institutions by launching global programs.
     Sixthly, the university acts on the Belt and Road Initiative and offers Chinese teaching for the overseas Chinese.
     Seventhly, the university works hard to foster talents to improve the university, creating an environment amiable to faculty and students, and advocating a campus with diversity but harmony.
     Huaqiao University is at a critical moment of both challenges and opportunities, for the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation defines an era of innovation and breakthroughs for higher education. The university will make unremitted efforts to fulfill its commitment as ever with all the faculty and students joining together to realize its goal as a unique first-class university in the world. With its glorious history, the university aims to be more open-minded, tolerant and remarkable, and serves as a hub for education, innovation, culture, thoughts and friendship.        

Finally, may our efforts make a better Huaqiao University, a better Chinese higher education and a better China! Best wishes to you all. Thank you.

Professor Xu Xipeng,
      President of Huaqiao University

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